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DWELL – January 2024

I chose Psalm 4 verse 8 for January for a couple of reasons. In the winter our bodies are moving a little slower, we are resting more, sleeping more, and covered in peace. I also thought it would be a great verse to start the year with. When we look at the verse and let the words dwell in our hearts, we find that we can rest in the confidence of the safety that the Lord provides.

DWELL: A Word for 2024

A couple of years ago the word dwell kept coming up in the passages of scripture that I was reading. It struck me as a great word and one that I would mull over and come back to time and time again. The dictionary defines dwell as, to live in or at a specific place. In the Old Testament the word “dwell” is a translation of 9 words with the most frequently used translation being “to sit down” and sometimes is translated as “abide”, “inhabit” and “remain”. These words suggest pictures of peace. They show us sitting in and abiding in Christ, His Word, His church.